A Long Cold Snap in New England

Brrrr.  It’s really cold right now in Massachusetts so that means a couple of things; keep the water trickling through the taps to avoid having a $500 plumber bill to replace burst pipes and more importantly some nice quiet, peaceful shooting time.  Fortunately Santa knew exactly what to bring me so now I am wearing my bright red Arcteryx jacket which keeps me really warm.  Not inconspicuous in the snow!

On Dec 30th (is that New Years Eve Eve?) I took a chance on getting the elusive colorful sunrise over Boston from Memorial Drive.  I’ve tried many times and got reasonable shots but not spectacular.  As sunrise approached I could sense that today would be similar but I was fortunate with a few elements which made for a composition that I was happy with.

Bike in the snow in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thanks to the person who locked his/her bike on the railing.  It was about 10F at this point and after an hour outside the only thing causing me discomfort were my fingers.  I may need some other gloves which are good for operating the camera.  Suggestions would be welcome!

In the evening I drove up the coast to Annisquam Lighthouse near Gloucester.  I’ve been there on several occasions but never when the ocean was frozen.  I wish I had left earlier because I arrived about 45 mins before sunset, just as the sun started to dip below a horizon cloud.  The ice on the rocks and the formations were quite something.  I was trying to find a pleasing composition.  Some areas were also quite deep and slushy so I moved quite cautiously toward the lighthouse.  It was so cold I was having some problems with the tripod freezing, but I worked my way through that.  Here are a couple of shots from that night.  I hope you like them.

Annisquam Lighthouse in Massachusetts in winterSunset over frozen rocks at Annisquam Lighthouse

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