Avalanche Falls

A few days in Franconia, New Hampshire, offer a lot of possibilities of places to go especially for hikes.  One very popular place is Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park.  This is a natural gorge with granite walls rising to a height of 90 feet.

Flume Gorge - Franconia Notch National Forest, New Hampshire

However, if you plan to visit to get good photos you had better be there when the light is not too bright as waterfalls in bright sunlight don’t look so great and when there are few people, as it gets really crowded.  I arrived at opening time (8.30am) and made my way toward the highlight of the Gorge, the beautiful Avalanche Falls.  As I got there I had time to set up the tripod, frame and get the timing as I liked.  Minutes later a swarm of schoolkids were making their way along the gorge.  I just managed to get the shot I wanted of Avalanche Falls before the crowd arrived.

Avalanche Falls, Franconia Notch

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