Sugar Hill Sunrise

New Hampshire is like visiting an old friend from college.  You always think back to the good times and think it won’t be the same, but it is, with all the many quirks you remember.

Last week I drove from Massachusetts to Littleton, close to the lupines at Sugar Hill, NH.  There is a lupine festival each year where people gather to enjoy the fields of purple, white and pink soldier-like flowers on the fields overlooking the White Mountains.

One of the things I always notice about NH is how slowly everyone drives.  Well, at the correct speed limit, which is usually just a suggestion in Mass.  “Courteous” the NH residents call it and to make the point to tail-gators one local was being quite clear.  Makes you think twice about hitting the horn as you trundle at 20mph behind him.

The New Hampshire way of living and driving

Anyway, I was hoping to get some nice sunrise and sunset shots with the lupines which only last a few weeks .  It was quieter now the festival was over but the flowers looked great.  On arriving at the field overlooking St Matthew’s church, I couldn’t resist heading into the tall grass and flowers (in shorts and untucked shirt)  with the camera, unaware that there were lots of ticks.  I only discovered what the small, spider like creatures were the following day as I forcibly removed one from my back.  City folk!

This shot was on the third morning, the day I was leaving.  I had finished taking pictures of the Milky Way the night before so I had very little sleep as I had to get up for 3.45am if I was going to make sunrise.  I was alone in the field at 4.30, ready for the sunrise at 5.05.  The grass was soaked with dew as the temperature had plummeted overnight.  It was beautifully calm though which allowed me to stay at F16 and not worry quite so much about a fast shutter speed.  I hope you like the result!

Lupines at sunrise, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

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