Bite Me!

Mr. Memory! I went out this morning for a sunrise shoot at the beach at Deer Island by Boston Harbor, a spot I’d scoped out the day before – one of the few in New England where you can do this type of photography, with misty ocean around wooden posts.  I was there at 5.00am today and realized immediately my mistake of not bringing bug spray.  Those little buggers were biting like crazy, both the tiny sand flies/fleas and the mosquitoes.  I was trying to compose shots while also trying to swipe away the bugs.  Now it is evening and my arms look like something out of a cartoon….red spots and welty lumps.  Attractive.  Was it worth it?  Almost.

The tide moves out really quickly and exposes the posts in the ocean until there is no more ocean around the posts.  I arrived a couple of hours after high tide yesterday.  Posts galore.

Deer Island Wooden Posts low tide However, less than an hour later the tide had retreated leaving little left to view.

I’d check the tide charts for sunrise and the weather app and it looked like I may just get lucky.  After waiting, swatting and swearing I got some photos where the misty ocean surrounded the posts against a gentle gradient in the sky.

Misty ocean surrounding wooden posts at sunset

Deer Island misty ocean surrounding posts - Sunset close-up

Time for antihistamine!

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