Little Things

Today, on the way to drop the kids off at school, I saw an open Amazon box with a brand new teddy bear dumped in it, face-up with the legs dangling over the side.  Small, fairly insignificant but there must be more to it.  An attempt at redemption from a misbehaving lover?  An opened present dropped from the car in a rush to leave for school?  Who knows.  No-one seemed to care.

When I was younger I used to notice little things like this  and the beauty or mystery they hold.  Along the way this was eroded.  Everyday things that get lost in the frantic lives we lead.  Always racing but racing to where?  To a wealthy, comfortable retirement while cancer cells make their own decisive call on that for you?

I’ve started again to see things for what they are and what they are not.  One’s vision may be skewed and ultimately wrong but it is different from what we are led to believe is “the way”.

Train Tracks rounding the corner

The world appears to have become over-burdened and crass.  Suits and egos try to control what we think, how we eat and even the air we breathe all for the sake of profits.

But what if you look closer.  At nature.  At the way living things reveal themselves.  You can forget the rest when you do that.  At least for a while.Curling bark

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