At Last!

Where has spring gone?  After a week of rain in New England I was looking forward to a good sunrise or sunset.  When I looked out of the window yesterday there were dark clouds but it held some promise.   I was leaving it late but I got dressed , grabbed my bag and set off only to realize that my car was in the garage and 2 cars in our driveway as we have visitors.  After a vehicular switcheroo I headed out to Horn Pond.  As I drove, the sky was looking better by the minute.  Sunrises are pretty time sensitive things!

Isn’t it strange after decades of the sunrise just being something you sleep through that it holds such promise and hope when you are a photographer.  Anyway, when I got to Horn Pond it was clear that the rain had been severe as the water had flowed out and onto the surrounding paths.  Benches were sitting in the middle of their own ponds.  Even with my knee high boots I ended up with water flowing over the top as I pressed my luck trying to edge out into the water. The sunrise didn’t disappoint and the clouds were moving fast and turning pink then red.  I often go for the long exposures to flatten the water but the ripples on the water were catching the sun so nicely I tried to time those.  I walked forward into the water and had dead fish around my boots, probably drowned from all the rain we had, and started taking bracketed shots.  Here is one I like best.

Sunset at Horn Pond, Woburn, Massachusetts

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