Nubble vs Barcelona

Such decisions! Stay home and watch Barcelona vs PSG in the Champions League or go out and take some shots?  My app said the sunset was likely to be good (Skyfire) so I opted for the shoot.  Who can retrieve a 4 goal first leg deficit anyway?

I was thinking of a lighthouse to photograph as we have so many in New England.  I looked at the 500px page of a local photographer, Michael Blanchette and decided to travel up to Maine to the Nubble Lighthouse after seeing a beautiful winter shot he took.

As I got further from Massachusetts it was looking like less and less cloud cover which isn’t so good for a colorful sunset, but I carried on nonetheless.  Beautiful day out, fresh air and all that good stuff.  I arrived early afternoon and it was full sunshine and no clouds.  I drove around the shore which is quite beautiful until around sunset when I headed back to Nubble.  The sun went behind a large cloud mass behind me but the clouds were fortunately moving at quite a clip towards the lighthouse.  Would I be in luck?

I was trying shots of the ocean and the water rushing over the rocks as the light hit them.  I was using my Canon EOS 5D MKIV and I had the Lee filter set with the small stopper and a 0.9 neutral density grad to get the 0.4-0.5 second exposure I often use for rushing waves. I was at F18 but that was by mistake as had intended F16, but it worked.  I tried to get close to the edge where the waves crash on the rocks.  This time I didn’t get wet but it was close.  Here’s one of the shots with the sun hitting the wave.

Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

F18, ISO 100, 16mm, 0.4sec

Oh, as for Barcelona, they made the comeback of all comebacks and won 6-1.

I still made the right decision though.

For a return to Nubble, please see my other post, In The Early Morning Maine

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